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Block Proving through Digital Axle Counter using Single Section Digital Axle Counter with UFSBI & Block Panel as per RDSO/SPN/188/2004

  • About

    It is a non-co-operative, user-friendly push button type Block Instrument capable of providing the last vehicle verification information in both single & double line sections. The Block Panel provided, offers easy-to-understand audio-visual indications for all vital information. The unique design of interlocking circuits and input/outputs through Q-series relays provide galvanic isolation, making the system usable in both RE & Non-RE sections.

    The system is media independent i.e. it works on Copper cable, OFC or microwave without hampering the fail-safety of the operation. The schematic diagrams below show the working ofthe system in Single & Double Line.

  • System Specifications

    The Block panel working with SSDAC, Relay logic & UFSBI is manufactured as per the RDSO’s guidelines. The system is defined as following:

    • The Relay logic & UFSBI is housed in a MS-Cabinet of dimensions 132 X 64 X 48 cm approx.
    • The entire relay logic is implemented through Q-series signaling relays (viz.QN1, QNA1, QL1 and Electronic Timer relays), which are RDSO approved.
    • The UFSBI as per RDSO/SPN/147/05, used in the system consists of Input Cards (6 nos.), Output Card (2 nos.), CPU card (3 nos.) Control Card (1 no.), a separate Leased Line Modem and a DC-DC Converter based Power Supply unit (with Hot Stand-by facility).
    • The system functions on 24V DC (+20%, -10%) and has an approximate 3 Amp (max.) current consumption.
    • The two units of the system are placed at 2 stations, which, communicates amongst themselves at 2400 baud.
  • Design Features
    • The Interlocking circuits as well as the UFSBI inputs are taken through Q-series relays (conforming to spec. BRS: 930), providing galvanic isolation, thus making the system usable in both RE and Non-RE sections.
    • The system is designed to work with MACL, PI, RRI or SSI installations.
    • Triple Modular Redundant fail-safe multiplexer working on 2 out of 3 logic ensures greater level of safety and availability.
    • The software coding for inter-station signal transmission takes care of noise disruptions generally encountered in the transmission system. It ensures safety of operation against these noises by use of fail-safe data structure, message redundancy, minimum Hamming distance of 5, etc.
  • Principle of working
    • The trains are worked on Absolute Block system
    • Each block section is provided with an Axle Counter to verify the occupation or clearance of block section and for Last Vehicle Verification
    • Last Stop Signal cannot be taken ‘OFF’ unless LINE CLEAR has been obtained from the station in advance
    • LINE CLEAR cannot be obtained unless block section and an adequate distance beyond first stop signal of station in rear is clear of trains
    • The Last Stop Signal assumes ‘ON’ aspect automatically on entry of train into block section and when so replaced, is maintained in its ‘ON’ position, till a fresh LINE CLEAR is obtained on block panel
    • Block section automatically shows Train on Line on panel when train enters into the block section on line clear reading the status of the axle counter
    • Train entry/exit buzzer, to/ from block section are provided and to be acknowledged
    • Block section automatically closes on complete arrival of train at the receiving station
    • A control key is provided to prevent the station in rear to take LINE CLEAR on its Block Panel without taking consent of receiving station
    • It is possible to close the block section only, if no trains have entered the Block Section for at least 120 seconds after application of cancellation with co-operation from station in rear
  • Fail Safety Approvals

    This system comprises of 4 sub-systems each of which are validated separately for its fail-safety by the relevant organizations:

    • Digital Axle Counter as per RDSO/SPN/177/2003 validated and approved for its fail-safety as per by RDSO and conforming to CENELEC SIL-4 standards.
    • 2/3 Failsafe Digital Multiplexer - UFSBI, validated and approved by RDSO for use in railways, as per RDSO/SPN/147/05 (with latest amendments). Center of Knowledge Based Systems, Jadavpur University, has done validation of Software as per CENELEC SIL-4 standards & hardware is evaluated and independently validated by IIT Delhi
    • Relay interlocking circuits has been designed by RDSO.
    • Block Operating panel as per RDSO design. (Optionally, can be, incorporated in Domino type operating panel or in a separate small table mounted form as per consignee’s requirement)

    Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO), Lucknow, Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

  • Advantages
    • Provides high level of reliability and fail-safety
    • Works with all standard types of Axle Counters
    • A single system caters for both single & double line sections
    • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
    • Easy Operation using push button type operating panel
    • Can work over long Block Sections
    • High level of noise, electro-magnetic immunity
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