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DELTRON is an ISO 9001:2001 Certified Railway Signalling Company. Team Deltrom is a pioneer on the field of Engineering Services to Indian Railway Signalling & Telecommunication Industry for more than three decades.

Since the inception from the year 1986, Deltron have been always Pioneer in indigenisation’ of manufacturing of various types of signal control devices and telecommunication unit. Deltron was the first company to initiate the manufacture of Domino based control cum indication combo for use in Indian Railways which were till now being imported from Siemens Germany.

Our Products

Deltron is a RDSO approved manufacturer of following products.

  • Domino Type Control cum Indication Panel as per IRS:S-36/87 or RDSO/SPN/186/2004 and its Accessories

  • Universal Fail Safe Block Interface as per RDSO specification no. IRS:S-104/2012 Ver.0 and its Accessories

  • BPAC using Block Panel and UFSBI as per IRS:S-105/2012 (Ver.0) and its Accessories

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